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Welcome to Christine’s Corner with the BC Epilepsy Society

Welcome to Christine’s Corner with the BC Epilepsy Society

Hey there! My name is Christine Jamieson and I work with the BC Epilepsy Society as an Impact Speaker. I am also a person living with epilepsy who has the titles of Miss BC 2018/2019 and Miss Canada 2019.

Who am I?: I am 28 years old and living in Mission, BC with my fiancé Derek and our two cats and three dogs. I am passionate about animals, being outdoors, and good food! In 2018, I was crowned Miss British Columbia and in 2019, I had the honor of being Miss Canada. I have an Associates Degree in Creative Writing and a Bachelors Degree in English and Communications.

My epilepsy: I was diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy when I was 18 years old after a long battle trying to achieve a diagnosis. My epilepsy is currently under control by medication. My seizure types are about 90% focal aware and focal unaware and 10% tonic clonic and are triggered by missed medication doses, stress, sudden change in diet or exercise, and lack of sleep.

As a person living with epilepsy, I know some of the challenges and obstacles that we face on a daily basis.

Every person with epilepsy has different experiences, however, some challenges we face are the same, including issues such as memory loss, additional safety measures, and dealing with the stigma around epilepsy.

From cooking safely to driving rules in BC, this column will aim to help provide a relatable view to others living with epilepsy and their families.

Stay tuned for exciting stories, articles, tips, ticks and more! Is there something you want to know or questions I can answer? Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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