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Podcast Feature – Ten Percent Happier Podcast

Podcast Feature – Ten Percent Happier Podcast

I love listening to podcasts. I hate being at home when it’s quiet, so I almost always have a podcast playing in the background. They also make great alternatives to listen to when working, driving, or working out!

There are so many great podcasts out there, including an amazing one that the BC Epilepsy Society does called the Voice Epilepsy™ podcast that touches on a ton of epilepsy-related topics. Check it out here.

I recently discovered an amazing podcast called Ten Percent Happier hosted by Dan Harris who is an ABC news reporter who had a panic attack live on Good Morning America and who brings real-life experience to discussions on meditation, mental health, and life. Check out the podcast here. Not only is this podcast great, but it also features a variety of guests to help talk about normally ‘difficult’ topics and provides other resources such as an app that helps you learn basic meditation techniques. Some of the podcast episodes include ‘How to Break Your Anxiety Habit’, ‘Uprooting Your Delusions’ and ‘Holding it Together When Things Fall Apart’. Dan Harris, the podcast host, has also created a free ‘Coronavirus Sanity Guide’ that includes several podcasts focused on meditation, a few short and inspiring talks, and some additional print out resources. You can find all that here.

If you’re searching for podcasts on any topic, they’re super easy to find. Depending on your device, simply download either the Apple Podcasts or the Google Podcasts app and you will be able to find many podcasts. I hope you find a great podcast to listen to!

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