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Pill Organizers – They Don’t Have to Be Boring!

Pill Organizers – They Don’t Have to Be Boring!

For approximately 70% of people living with epilepsy, they control their seizures through a variety of medications.  Missed doses of medication are a very common seizure trigger. When you take medication every day, sometimes it’s hard to always remember it.

For myself, I take Topiramate, both in the morning and evening. In order to remember taking my pill, I use a pill organizer. The typical pill organizers all look the same and carrying one with me all the time just felt way too medical for me. So, I found a variety of different options that are a lot more fun!

For everyday use: I got a great wood pill box from Etsy (pictured below) that has a spot for each day of the week and magnets to hold the lid on as you twist.

For travelling and on the go: A ‘purse’ pill box (pictured below) is perfect for busy on the go days and short trips. It has enough space for 7 days of pills with 4 time compartments per day. Plus, if you need to pull it out a restaurant or public place, it is very subtle! I got mine off amazon for under $25!

I hope some of these options work for you!

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