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What Are Your Epilepsy Resolutions?

What Are Your Epilepsy Resolutions?

New Years is coming up and people will be making New Years Resolutions soon! Check out some of our ideas on epilepsy resolutions below:

  • Resolution #1: Comply to Treatments
    • Missed medication is one of the main triggers for seizures
    • You can resolve to take your medications and any other treatments for your epilepsy regularly, on time and as prescribed by your neurologist
  • Resolution #2: Document Seizure Activity
    • Documenting seizure activity helps keep track of your epilepsy and your seizures to see if any changes in your care are required
    • You can resolve to use a BC Epilepsy Society Seizure Recording Form or one of the smartphone apps listed below:
  • Resolution #3: Exercise Regularly
    • Exercise is good for mood, thinking, memory and general health
    • Research has also shown that regular exercise may help seizure control
    • You can resolve to incorporate small amounts of exercise into your every day life
  • Resolution #4: Eat a Healthy Diet
    • Research has shown that dietary choices can impact seizure control
    • You can resolve to eat a healthy, balanced diet, full of whole, natural foods with vitamins and minerals and minimal processed foods
  • Resolution #5: Avoid Alcohol and Drugs
  • Resolution #6: Get More Sleep
    • Sleep deprivation is one of the main triggers for seizures
    • You can resolve to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night
  • Resolution #7: Seek Out Support
    • As epilepsy can be an isolating condition, it is important to seek out support
    • The BC Epilepsy Society provides Peer Support for people living with epilepsy; Epilepsy Friends Forever (EFF) for children, youth and adolescents with epilepsy; and the BC Epilepsy Parents Network (BCEPN) for parents of children with epilepsy
    • You can resolve to attend an epilepsy support group to share your experiences and get help from others going through similar situations
  • Resolution #8: Look After Safety
    • Some devices are able to ensure that people living with epilepsy are safe
    • You can resolve to get a medical ID, a seizure monitor, an epilepsy helmet, a reminder for medications or a pillow/mattress device to ensure that you are safe during seizures
  • Resolution #9: Take Care of Mental Health
    • It is very important to take care of your mental health to help you better manage your epilepsy, including depression and stress
    • You can resolve to better manage stress levels and see a healthcare professional regarding your mental well-being
  • Resolution #10: Raise Awareness of Epilepsy
    • Raising awareness of epilepsy is very important to combat the stigma towards people living with epilepsy
    • You can resolve to use our “I AM A VOICE” campaign or our epilepsy information to raise awareness of epilepsy in your community

We can’t believe that the end of 2018 is so close! What are your epilepsy resolutions for 2019? Let’s make 2019 count because 2019 marks the 60th anniversary of the BC Epilepsy Society!

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