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Halloween Celebration and Safety Tips

Halloween Celebration and Safety Tips

Halloween is considered amongst most kids (and adults) as one of the best events of the year. Dressing up in costume, trick or treating, going to parties, and indulging in treats are fun for all ages.

The majority of people with epilepsy are able to participate in typical Halloween celebrations. Even if a child has uncontrolled seizures, health problems, and/or special needs it is still important for them to be included in social activities with their peers.

Halloween doesn't have to be scary, particularly if you follow generally accepted seizure and Halloween related safety tips.

Some tips are below: 

  • Travel with someone who knows what to do if a seizure occurs.
  • Wear medical ID and/or carry a wallet card with emergency contact information, names and dosages of medications, and other important information. 
  • Avoid sleep deprivation and alcohol use. 
  • Take children to familiar homes or environments to help avoid undue stress or anxiety. 
  • If a child is on the Ketogenic diet, you can have them exchange candy for a toy. 
  • If you are sensitive to bright or flashing lights consider participating in activities and going to locations that you are already familiar with. You can also contact places like haunted houses in advance to get information about the environment. 
  • Do not use fireworks or candles when you are alone.

If you haven’t decided upon a costume, how about dressing up as a famous person who had epilepsy, such as Julius Caesar or as a part of the body, such as the brain or a neuron?

If you are looking for ideas for Halloween decorations or pumpkin designs, how about going purple? The Purple Pumpkin Project is meant to help spread awareness about epilepsy. A sample from one of the participants is below.

 Enjoy the celebrations!

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