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Considerations for Caregivers to Children with Epilepsy

Considerations for Caregivers to Children with Epilepsy

In our previous blog post, our focus was caregivers to those living with epilepsy, and in this article, we continue the discussion by looking at a special caregiver relationship: the parent of a child with epilepsy.  Upon diagnosis of epilepsy, there are a myriad of feelings and concerns, but it is important to discuss and exchange honest thoughts and ideas with your child about epilepsy throughout the lifespan.  Research shows that parents’ attitudes surrounding epilepsy has an effect on how children feel about having seizures and their symptoms.

Here are some ways that parents can make a difference for their children:

  • Praise success and emphasize the positive
  • Encourage your child to continue doing the things that they love to do and still have the ability to do
  • Avoid speaking about your child’s seizures or financial burdens of treatment as problems in front of your child
  • Introduce them to new opportunities to engage in new skills or hobbies
  • Have open, frank discussions about epilepsy and allow opportunities to address their concerns and questions
  • Do not use epilepsy as an excuse to avoid doing something your family would otherwise do
  • Encourage your child to be active and have as much social contact with other children as much as possible
  • Take time for yourself without feeling guilty

If you are interested in joining the BC Epilepsy Parents Network (BCEPN) support group and connecting with other parents of children with epilepsy, please click here to find out more.

We also have a program for children living with epilepsy, called Epilepsy Friends Forever (EFF).  This program offers a chance for children to meet in a safe and supervised space, where they can interact, have fun and relax with their peers, with whom they share common experiences.  For more information, please visit the EFF page on our website.

For informational brochures and other resources provided by the BC Epilepsy Society, please visit our Resources page.

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