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BC Epilepsy Society Partners With Vida Spa!

BC Epilepsy Society Partners With Vida Spa!

We are excited to announce a partnership with Vida Spa! Find out more about Vida Spa here.

As part of their partnership with the BC Epilepsy Society, Vida Spa will be offering a Mindful Massage, which incorporates a medium pressure Swedish style technique on the body paired with pressure point movements throughout the scalp to relax the mind. $22 of each Mindful Massage sold will go towards the free programs and services provided by the BC Epilepsy Society.

The goal of the Vida Spa Mindful Massage is to encourage our society to be more mindful of a very misunderstood neurological disorder while raising funds for the BC Epilepsy Society for the support they offer for people living with epilepsy and their families. Vida Spa is mindful of the difference this massage will make to both people living with epilepsy and the BC Epilepsy Society.

The price of the Mindful Massage is as follows:

  • Vancouver
    • 60 MINUTES: $160
    • 90 MINUTES: $230
  • Whistler
    • 60 MINUTES: $180
    • 90 MINUTES: $260

Vida Spa understands that many seizures can be increased or triggered by stress or lack of sleep. Alongside proper medication, massage therapy will help to relax the mind and body to encourage better sleep and well-being. Vida Spa believes that this may help reduce the frequency of seizures.

Did you know that the president of Vida Spa, Allison Hegedus is an epilepsy advocate? In fact, in the Fall of 2019, the book that she has authored, entitled Unashamed and Unafraid: My Journey with Epilepsy, will be released, with proceeds being donated to the BC Epilepsy Society! It is sure to be a great book for everyone - those that live with epilepsy and those that do not - to check out so keep your eyes out for that book to hit bookshelves in Fall 2019!

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